How to Create a SEO Content Marketing Strategy

How to Create a SEO Content Marketing Strategy

Have you looked at your business, brand or company and felt that you need a more sure-fire {Biblical David} Type of strategy to kill your big {Goliath} Competitors?

Well, if you did, you felt and thought amazing and wise.


Because just like a person is truly alive when they are completely health, your business similarly alive with a great SEO content marketing strategy.

How is that important for your business?

Don’t tell Brand Tribe you don’t know the world is being wheeled under the power of the internet. It is easy to find customers online than physical these days because when people need anything they first Google it before they make purchase decisions so it is good that when they Google they meet your business right at the door of Google search engine.

Want to know how you can create your SEO content marketing strategy?

Content marketing is a booster to social media effectiveness and also aid to generate business website traffic.

If you are making plans to create content that will resonate with your audience, you are definitely on the right track and you are doing the damn best thing for your business.

The truth is that content strategy works as your guide line when it comes to production, promotion and measurement of the content.

Why do most of the brands content strategies fail?

 Because they lack proper planning, poor targeting and lack of clear defined goals, which absolutely kills brands and businesses

With that said, here is the first step part of DesignCrew services that will save your business from failing, having designing from a branding professional:

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So, what’s next?

The content strategy follows like this:

  • Plan

 As we all know, carefully planning is always the key to success.

When you are planning content, writing some pieces of articles, blog posts and news be carefully to put on table that it is vital to know the clear importance of that piece on your audience.

The common objectives for a quality content strategy are:

Increase brand awareness

Drive traffic to a website

Lead generation

  • Establish your target audience

Knowing the people you represent {your audience} is a very crucial part to your brand success journey.

You should collect as much information about your audience as possible, asking yourself questions like:

What type of content my target audience prefer?

Where does my target audience spend most of their time online?

How can I reach my target audience?

  • Determine the content that best suits your target audience

You should be able to provide content that is suitable to your target audience. Be the kind of brand that educates, engage and entertain your audience.

The content should also be able to reach a wide range of audience with informative, killer topics that helps people find solutions and answers to life.

Great website content has to be the following:

Targeted social media advertisements

Guests posts on popular blogs

Press release

SEO optimized blog content

  • Add Infographics

If there is another thing that you take into account with your content marketing is Infographics.

This is killer way to hook, impress and make customers {your audience} want to do business with you.

Do you know some people do search for information on Google without any aim of buying but abruptly change their minds when they get interested by something displayed? Yes your site need to be able to hook, entice and seduce a customer as fast as possible.


To achieve the success that you desire for your brand, there are many things that you have to do but one of them {Which is like the artery that supplies blood from and to the heart of a body} Is SEO strategy.

Let no one lie to you that you can achieve success without this, HELL NO!

Can a person live without a heart? Well a business with a website but with no SEO strategy is just like the human with no heart!

So want to know more and get help? Contact us and DesignCrew will get you served.

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