How to Grow Your Small Business through SEO- powerful sure way in 2019 business market

How to Grow Your Small Business through SEO- powerful sure way in 2019 business market

What business are you running? Have you been following what has been changing for years about how you can grow your business in 2019?

If you didn’t know, the world most trends about business is that for a business to grow and attain its goals in 2019- SEO is a must factor to employ.


Because today’s customers are moving with the technology and for your business to grow, you need to do what people like most which is………to have an online presence!

With that in mind, Design Crew would like to ask the following interesting question before showing you what’s hot for today:

If you are a small brand/business who is just getting started in a niche with big businesses as your competitors and assuming you are on a tight market, how can you grow your business into the heights you want?

Well, it turns out there is a way you can walk to make this come true which is putting into play Search Engine Optimization{SEO} into your marketing strategy to enhance the growth of your bottom line.

And here are the facts and statistics about this:

It has been proved that you can grow your business entirely through SEO and you will reap as huge as others in terms of money and customers. In fact research has showed that SEO is the number one top source of traffic for content websites beating down social media with over 300% ,isn’t this huge?

SEO helps you rank in search engines, once your website ranks on search engine results pages {SERPs} your products and services will automatically get pushed to the top where they will magically find your target customers without a sweat!

Additionally, you will keep ranking on search engines without putting more efforts!

But here’s the headache about this:

If you are a small business owner who is running in line with huge brands or wealthy folks who are ranking and buying ways to rank, you need more than just playing your cards alone.

First, you need help from professional SEOs and Brand Tribe has made a name on this, so go ahead and contact us.

And again you don’t need to worry about the rub above. Why?

Because DesignCrew diagnoses such issues, so take a seat and dip yourself into this:

The good news is these tips work for all businesses of any size and budget.

First things first- the rule of thumb for success

Point out the problem your business solves for customers

 Before you swim on a river or sea, it is wise to know the depth, similarly before you get into SEO, vital to know what problems your business wants to solve for your customers.

Honestly, your business doesn’t solve all problems or offers all services.

This means when you position your products and services to meet a specific need, you will be able to identify your target customers, what keywords {words and phrases they use on search engines} and what best describes your products and services…..this will build your SEO efforts to reach them.

Now that DesignCrew has cleared the air for you, let’s appreciate the nice breath and dive deep into the SEO powerful techniques to build your business.


Before you get your legs into SEO, you should fix your business foundation which is…..your website


Because if there are any issues on your website that are yet to be fixed, your efforts to grow your business using SEO will definitely yields no results.

So you have to make sure an SEO audit is made, which brings us to the question:

What is SEO audit?

SEO audit refers to a thorough examination of your website’s performance on search engines.

An audit offers you the chance to monitor your website SEO performance, mobile friendliness, and user’s easy of navigation on your website.

What are the areas you can focus during this process? Here are such places:

On Website performance- check areas like:

Seamless navigation

Speed; and


Can users navigate your website with easy? Yes starting from your home page, product page, your website blog and other content areas.

The goal is to make sure people find what they are looking for with easy, so they can share and keep focusing on visiting.

Let’s talk about your website’s overall speed, do your website pages load quickly or it takes forever?

If you didn’t know, according to Google, a page shouldn’t take more than 3 seconds! Look at the below Infographics:

 Slow speed is cause by such like:

Large image size

Poor server performance coming from a cheap web hosting

Code density and so on

To know about the size of your website pages, use tools like: Website Page Size Checker.

To know the speed of a page loading, use tools like: Page Speed Test

And for mobile friendliness, use this: site’s mobile-friendliness.

Do SEO assessment

If you want to know how optimized your site is, you have to access the SEO power it has.

So when dealing with SEO audit, check out the SEO score using tools like: SEO score checker tool.

Check out Technical assessment

Take a look at your site designing to make sure it was designed with your customers in mind.

Check out for broken links stuff like (404 error pages) that takes customers nowhere and makes them lose trust on a site.

To find out about such deadly broken links, use tools like: Broken Link Checker.


If you have heard that content is king, here at Brand Tribe, we would like to say “quality content is king”

In other terms, not just any content will drive content on your website, trust us, low quality content won’t bring no damn traffic.

If you are sure-fire serious about driving traffic on your website, then digging deep on helpful content that resonates with your audience is the heart of things.

Many of the small businesses only have their products and services and contacts listed on their websites, for any business by serious people looking to grow, this is not any SEO weight so if you need to grow, content is key.

For example and the record, The Content Factory is a digital marketing agency owned by Kari DePhillips and was established in 2010. This is one business that can testify about the power of content on a website.

It was reported that they have generated about 50,000 daily from organic search and now they are ranking #1 for some strategic keywords in their niche. And the good news is that most of their customers came through search engines…..this is power of quality content.

Here’s what to do:

Carry out keywords search to hook your customers on the search engines and here is where to start: tools for keyword research.

Start building blog topics around the keywords, with high-quality content to attract your customers.

Check out the keywords that your competitors are ranking and create better content on them than theirs, use tools like: SEMRush

Bottom line

You see, here at Brand Tribe, we always want to see your business growing so if at all you are looking forward to get results for your small business, why don’t you employ these tips?

But wait……do you want to want to connect with hands of professionals? If so, why don’t you contact us? Or just post your project on our site but mostly importantly……..don’t forget to employ these tips okay?

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