5 Tips On Hiring a Graphic Designer

Hiring a Graphic Designer

Hiring for any position can be hectic and tasking. It takes a lot of research, time and dedication to end up with a perfect hire. Graphic design falls under the scope of creatives, and thus, there are very many people with different skill sets.

Finding a graphic designer that understands the vision of an institution has a tremendous impact on the direction a company will take and the image it portrays. That is why several essential factors should be considered when hiring a graphic designer, these include;

  1. The Portfolio
    This gives a general idea of the work the designer has done. One can understand the area of specialisation and the experience a graphic designer has in the field. Close attention to their work also reveals their motivation and creative niche.
  2. Reviews
    Client reviews provide a baseline for a new employer on how the graphic designer performs. They will also give the person hiring a greater understanding of the management skills they have; this can be in terms of resources and time.
  3. Understanding of the Organisation Goals
    One should question the designers understanding of the area of likely employment. This includes their knowledge of the target audience and the methods of delivery for the particular group.
  4. Test Skill Set
    A brief test could be applied to display the understanding of the organisation that is hiring. Graphic designers who have had experience in the field or those who are interested in the vision of individual companies are inclined to perform best.
  5. Communication Skills
    Interviews for graphic designers should be done on a face to face platform. Video and physical interviews give the interviewer an idea of who the interviewee is and how well they can express themselves.


Graphic designers deal with the aesthetic presentation of an organisation; hiring one needs a lot of information. Our team is available to answer all question about this topic.

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