4 super powerful tips for Data Visualization Best Practices for your Business Website

4 super powerful tips for Data Visualization Best Practices for your Business Website {Tested and proven tips}

What is the look of your website? Tell us at Design Crew and be honest, do you feel it can entice customers from miles away when they see it online?

Data visualization isn’t a thing to argue when it comes to how big brands are using it on websites to help people to get insights through it.

Your brain and that of your target customers is primed and build to register and relate to information that is presented visually.

This makes it easier for people to understand data in charts, graphs and data that are listed on spreadsheets and tables.

A well designed website should be able to display such data in a manner that human mind can read, understand and make a decision on buying and doing business with your business.

With that said, we all know that many tools are always flooding the market and internet about data visualization but the question we at Design Crew want you to ask before you set your website data is……What makes data visualization effective?

What are the guidelines that need to be followed when designing with data?

Design Crew knows that it takes to design with data that entices customers, spreads out experience and designing rich, insightful and seductive websites to help your business stand out.


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Now, can we get to the heart of this article? The guidelines to designing with data right are here:

Design for a Specific Audience

If you are a man, you have seen several of thousands of ladies who got you hooked right? And if you are a lady, you’ve seen gents who kept your heart racing faster. But the question is……..What made you specifically chose or go for who are with? The visual design specifics right?

Similarly when you are designing your website, targeting a specific audience is the corner stone to hitting the target.

Data visualization is used to represents patterns, to pass across information, to describe relationships and to provide content within data.

Your business need to choose what content to provide, how much data to display based on the needs of your audience.

How do you do this?

Simply have your customers or audience in mind every time you are handling changes to your website.

Create a fictional customer and feel what satisfies them, what would have enticed you if you were that customer, how can you evoke emotions from the data visuals and much more.

Your data visualization should spell your brand goals and customer needs directly, it should be easier for people to take information from the data displayed and thus make them build trust with your business.

 Use Visual Salience to Focus Attention and Guide the Experience

Visual salience is a characteristic that makes a visual data website to stand out and this is a vital factor to consider.

This can be used to target attention of viewers but most importantly it is useful in making sure there is no data overload.

Every site that uses visual salience presents information more clearly to people and has helped many brands to entice thousands of viewers who have turned into customers.

Color schemes are another hooking tip to get people moved to buy and get into business with your brand.


Because if you didn’t know, color plays a big role in making people attracted to products and services and here is an example to help you get the depth of this:

Have you seen how kids prefer colorful stuff much?  Studies say this is something children inherit from their parents and so using colors can be a way to entice customers and especially if you are dealing with ladies line of products and services or kids { this group is the color lovers}

Directly Label Data Points

Don’t you think every element that is used to represent data need to be labeled? Why is this?

Simple because people need to understand what each of the data means to them

Your job as the designer is to do the work so the readers don’t have to find legends to help them understand the information displayed.

For example, wouldn’t you like a doctor who tells you “We checked and founded that you are suffering from disease A or B” to a doctor who says “I took your history, I diagnosed and you have fibula of the tibia” when they know you have no medical backgrounds. Who would you like to be your doctor?

Similarly with your data visuals, people are looking to understand it by the look of eyes.

Bottom line

While you have seen the above tips, reading them isn’t just a way to help your business but employing them is.

So, how can you get all these tips represented on your business website? You have two options which is, one you contact us so our experts can handle your website or you post your needs and we will get to you for more information and start of project.

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