A Look at the Latest Trends in the World of Website Design

A Look at the Latest Trends in the World of Website Design- Business success guaranteed in 2019 and beyond {Will yours be part of such businesses?}

Yes there are rituals everywhere in the world- Good rituals for good things and when it comes to business success the good rituals are: working smart and not hard, creativity and seductive marketing.

A business person should be able to train to be that guy who can attract customers like a flower attracting flowering insects.

As they say “Good music is for singers, creativity is for the master websites designers” At Design Crew- it is the home of these master web designers, they are here more than enough coming daily with new ideas, new innovations and new techniques. So we ask why would you let your business go down when you can have all these masters from us checking at it at friendly {almost free} Prices?

The more creative in your website design you can be, the more you will succeed in impressing your website visitors

Just think for a moment, what do you do when you certainly visit a business, brand or company website and found that it is dull, no impressive colors, no beautifully themes and graphics? Yeah, we know what you’d do, you‘d run as faster as you could from that site right? Yes why?

Because {A} that site is wasting your time, it cannot even impress your eyes so you will say {If my own eyes cannot stand this site, I would not care reading a thing from it} AND…….

{B} that said will never convince you to buy or order a damn thing from them because you won’t trust them will you?

When you sit to ask yourself why you never liked that site, you would probably come with the following answers:

There designing isn’t soothing nor impressing

Their color is dull or too much lighter

Their imagery is not creative and so it doesn’t look beautifully

They have small buttons and the site is not user-friendly

With the above answers, no matter how their content is excellently written, that brand and its services or products are a huge failure.

Can you relate to this scenario?

So how do you make your design shine out your brand identity, products and services? Simple by following the Goliaths in the game and who are these design Goliaths? They are non-other than the trends that are taking the world. Which are?

Clear Icons on your website designing

Bold colors {Using or following the psychology of color} you are recommended to use colors that evoke emotions and power of business.  Colors like Red, Green, Yellow and Orange which are used by really business Goliaths like Coca-Cola, Safaricom, Car agencies like Ferrari and Big hotels.

Using quality data integrations

Excellent Website Typography

Parallax Scrolling

And the giant trending Responsive web design

At Design Crew, we tell you this:

Technology is there to offer you help with your business and we are the mother of innovations in branding, marketing and all designs that you need. We have experts who are world-class celebrated professionals to help you. What do you got to do? Very simple, you only {ONLY} need to contact us and you can do that before you even finish reading this!


Now it is time for you to order these trends with us

As started in the business world where success rates were being measured, Logo designing came top on the list of factors that makes a business more successful. Experts said “Brands like Coca-Cola can easily be taken out of business only by brands and businesses {even small businesses} that employ creative marketing.

So you ask, what is this creative marketing?

Well, creative marketing starts with designing, SEO content follows and many services that Design Crew can offer.

Want to know what we have in the house for you? Contact us today to unlock your potential.

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