How to be a rock star business Website with Best Types of Content for Local Businesses

How to be a rock star business Website with Best Types of Content for Local Businesses- opening doors for opportunities

Anne wants to see her business grow to heights like those of celebrities who started from scratch and are currently big names in their line of business. The question is, how can she do it? She yawns and gets up to find the right information, she looks at her business and shed tears because all she had wanted in life is to make it successful.

Does Anne’s situation feel like yours? Yes, how do you figure the success of your business? Design Crew got you covered so no worries okay?

 If you didn’t know, then Design Crew would like to inspire you to know about business magnets that started from scratch who used these tips to be whom they are today. Yes if you started your business with a goal and visions, why would you stop before reaching it?

Before we get into the heart of the article, why don’t you get inspired by people who believed in their business ideas and made it to top world class billionaires? Yes Design Crew first wants you to stick to your dream and let that business keep going, struggles are everywhere but do you think giving up on your local business is any treatment to life struggles?

Look at these folks who started from the bottom just like you:

Jan Koum- CEO of WhatsApp

How often do you use WhatsApp? Do you know one of the founders didn’t even have any skill? Yes and for the record, these folks are school drop outs too and the other was just a normal bartender!

What are we telling you? Design Crew says “your business idea didn’t just come for any reason, if you stick to that local business in years to come, you could be the next famous billionaire, and how does that feel?

Ralph Lauren – CCO of Ralph Lauren

Keep this in mind always “ Once a business person , always a business person” and yes this goes hand with what people say “ once a salesman , always a sales man” this dude started earlier during his childhood days, he kept the fire burning and if you didn’t know about him, let just introduce him to you for inspiration.

You grew up seeing people dressing in styles right? Yes, you heard the word “fashion designers and models” people who really dress to kill, yeah?

The fashion idea came from guys like Ralph Lauren and more inspirational is that he started when he had nothing, so do you see why your business idea is something that came to change your status? Look , love that business like you love your breaths and work it out to win……With Design Crew, we promise to always stand on your side to see that you make it big.

What were we saying here at Design Crew? Oooh, yes we were talking about how to be a rock start business owner with the best types of local business content right? Yes you are a rock star right away when you start to employ these tips.

Can we tell now?

Here is the big question, what kind of content should a local business develop on their business website?

And the answer is?………… content that coverts!

But here is what more important for your business….. The goal is not just to develop content that converts but also to stand as the authority in your city and climb up to national levels as much as customer traffic and sales grow huge right?

And this is what Design Crew likes to focus on today!

To entice and fish out customers, your business need to bring the following on people’s minds and desires { I want to know, I want to do, I want to buy} such kind of thoughts that your content brings to your potential customers does the following for your business:

Online traffic

In-store traffic






Social sharing

Offline word-of-mouth

Good user metrics like time-on-page, low bounce rate, etc.

But here is the deal…..To attain all these, you need several publications on your site{ actually many articles and blogs that offer useful information to people and then , you could watch the magic that says “ content is king”}

And with that said, here is what Design Crew offers to you as what every local business needs to publish on site as content:

Customer service policy

To be honest , everyone who works on your business should know and train effectively on customer service policy if at all you want a reputable and successful business.


A study that was conducted in 2016 on local business success came up with this:57% of consumer complaints revolve around customer service and employee behavior.

So what do you need for your local business? You tremendously need employees who avoid consumer  destructions and when your first content is published, why shouldn’t it show that your employees care about customers?

Customer rights guarantee

You see on your website, publish content that shows people you are a customer- caring brand. Content is king yes but if the brand content doesn’t show to care more on people that sounds too sales and to be honest { people don’t like salesy businesses}


Because customers don’t come to your business for fun, they come to get satisfied, they have intent ……so work on fulfilling customer intents first and they’d come in numbers!

Reviews/testimonials page

 This is very vital for driving traffic on your site. Don’t you like to trust business that others speak good about?

You do don’t you? Then if you want the same trust and reputation, your site need to have a testimonial and reviews page.

Have you checked on Design Crew testimonials? We have made many customers happy with our services, so why don’t you become one of them?


If you have a project, yes you need designing services, SEO services, packaging and all sorts of business stuff to help it succeed, you can contact us on the contact information provided or just post your project and we will reach out to you AND…….if you know of any person in need of these services, why don’t you refer them to us to get it from experts hands?

Store locator pages

Do you have several location of your business like Design Crew does? If so, you need to have pages that tells people where they can find you

Even when you do business basically online, have a locator page adds trust to your customers and they are those who live next to you and would like to pay a visit, so consider this for your business.

Product/service descriptions

What services and products are you dealing with? People need to see it on your website, so make sure you have your services and products described to entice searchers.

Here is what you need on this:

A thorough text description


Answers to documented FAQs

Price/time quotes

Technical specs

Reviews of the service or product



Bottom line

When billionaire and business lord Richard Bryson  was asked what made his business stand out from the rest, he said “ every wise person needs to do their business in a different way even after they imitate others”

And what does this mean?

This means even if you fight for the same keywords and attention from customers, how you focus your business goals from creating content that serves customers’ needs { conversational, engaging and interesting , highly informational content}  makes your site a to-go place for people who find information in your line of business.

Do you need help to make this a reality? Contact us and we’d like to bring this to life for you. Thank you very much.

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