How to increase extra traffic on your business website

How to increase extra traffic on your business website {trying other sites apart from Google} Truly working secrets!

 Occasionally at Design Crew, we receive tons of emails from businesses asking how we can help them increase traffic on their business sites.

The truth is traffic is the corner stone to the success of your business, what else is more important that a business to have as many people as possible talking about it? As the saying goes “The famous man gets the best and faster deals and connections”

Similarly your business should be famous through your website and how do you exactly do that again?

Want us to tell?

Well, Design Crew is still a famous player in the business field and our previous clients can tell you that this is true about us. Have you checked our customer satisfactions and reviews? Please do because when you do, you will see why you, your friends and family should always do business with Design Crew [ALWAYS!}

We hear people complain that it is hard for them to find their customers {to hook and win them} and many say it is even hard to do it through their business websites? But why are others doing it and not you?

Because you have been living a lie that your business website can only get ranked and drive traffic through Google {Yes you thought it can only happen only by Google and no other ways?}

What if we tell you there are other ways and we are ready to show you. Will you listen and apply them?

Well here we go!

When it comes to your customers searching on Google services and products that you and other people offer, they get to see different sites and what makes your business website rank at the top? In fact the question needs to be, how do you do it?

It can feel like Google is the only player, yes because Google search landscape over 90% of the total market share.

But is it the only player? It turns out the world has over 140 search engines and directories in the internet. Did you know about this?

No, Design Crew will not list all these but……We will help you with the Top 3 that are Google’s alternatives. Which can be of tremendous help for your brand if you are looking for extra traffic, extra hooking of customers and extra sales, who in their right sense wouldn’t want this?

One thing you need to know before going into this is that……Design Crew checked to make sure these search engines are worthy your SEO efforts, time and resources so you have nothing to worry about.

Now, let’s see this!

What are the giants’ alternatives to Google that you can get traffic on your business website?

This is the famous search engine that is an elephant size alternative to Google, it is a property of the famous giant Brand Microsoft.

It has been featured to be a much better search engine when it comes to beautifully landscape displays and nature style of their images.

Bing will help your brand site to display features, products and services with beautifully photos and graphics.

The other crucial advantage is that Bing offers its users to win rewards which means you have a real-life chance to win helpful rewards that can boost your brand or a chance to enter into Sweepstakes

Bing is widely known as the second largest search engine on the US market share and it is rated as one of the 30 most visited sites on the Internet according to a research by Alexa Ranking

This is a famous search engine that is user-privacy oriented. It helps your customers to seamlessly take control of their searched information in the internet {This is a good thing if your business website provides quality content then people will make it private that they can only be looking into it without having to see your competitors even when they improved} 

A new study by the New York Times reported that DuckDuckGo is now handling around 40 million searches in a day!

This is a tremendous increase because reports say as of January this year; the search per day was around 34million per day.

This can help your rank high specially if your website can be found on both search engines and you provide quality content {THE KING CONTENT} you can contact us for more about quality Website content too.

And for your information, the steady growth of DuckDuckGo has been climbing up in the last 24 months {you see, your business can take the lead using this search engine too}

Amazon is the Goliath that is controlling about 50 percent of the entire eCommerce market in the US.

And the good news is that the grip and range of products that Amazon deals with has been growing tremendously every day. It has therefore become the go-to center and heart for many customers searching for products – ANY PRODUCT in that case. So, what do you think your brand products sales will do if people can found you here?

And a brutally truth that you should know is:

One data report said that from 2015 to 2018 Amazon has surpasses Google as the top #1 search engine for products!

Now, we hope you see the value it can add to your business.


As you can see, brands and companies have been on the run to make sure that they rank high or they drive as much traffic as possible. At Design Crew, we want you to achieve the same and not just through Google.

Apply these 3 search engines with Google and see the work that you would have done to make your business the next award winner. Can we trust you to do that for your brand? Yes even though we do trust you, who will help you?

We will definitely help you, so contact us and let us know.

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