The Journey through (Small and Big) E-Commerce Websites- unleashing tremendous success tips for websites owners

The Journey through (Small and Big) E-Commerce Websites- unleashing tremendous success tips for websites owners

Who spends their money online easily? Think about it.

If you have to go through a list of tasks or navigate through a website online, how much money would you be willing to spend on such stuff?

Online shopping is about the feeling of comfort and convenience and those who have ventured into it will tell you the Do’s and Don’ts.

To be honest with you, online stores that stand out as the to-go places for customers in the today’s world are those that have walked and sacrificed to go extra miles in doing their best.

In today’s talk, Brand Tribe brings you a touch on both big and small E-commerce Websites and how you can create pleasant online shopping experience.

But before we do that, do you have a website that can stand out from the rest? Does your business website the work of an expert? Why are we asking this?

Because applying the tips we are going to share with you will not help if your website was not designed with your customers on mind.

So what can you do if you don’t have such a website?

Do a simple task and that is……….Contact us at Brand Tribe for a connection with one of our top experts in SEO, designing, web developing, marketing and more OR post your project on our site.

Now with that said, let’s get into the heart of this article.

What are the interesting examples of E-commerce websites you could imitate to build your own? Well Brand Tribe brings you the following {world class examples for home taking}


If you want to take about a good website where online shopping is made easy and people like it, talk about this website.

The color, the typography and all the designing is professional made. People love doing business here so when you are building your own, have a look at this to see what you can pack for yours.

Martina Sperl

Speak of the good ones; you don’t want to leave this one too. The color, the designing in terms of navigation panel, the hover effect which is bold, and the price is boldly displayed. In short people trust this site. Why?

Because it was designed professionally and customers get enticed, when designing your own, have a look at some features here.


On this one, customers are guided through the checkout; things here were designed professional just like the way Brand Tribe experts do their work.

When designing your website, first contact brand tribe experts and second be ready to have a site that fetches you customers from the day it comes to life until you put a stop to the business.

And so, what makes your e-commerce website stand out?

Well, here at Brand Tribe, we did our homework well when it comes to checking out tips for a better e-commerce website and without wasting a spur of seconds; here we bring you the tips:

Color and Fonts– don’t be cheated, people like to feel and related with colors and so when you are thinking of a website to entice people, think about beautifully colors and if you missed about the power of colors check out our article on psychology of color to hook customers.

About fonts, the typography should be easily readable and creative.

Images– what product are you offering? Make sure the images are displayed clearly and when you publish your website content too, put beautifully images to hook people.

Content- this is the heart of every website to survive so you should not forget this when ready for business.

Mobile friendliness– people search mostly using their mobiles so while you are creating your online store; this is a vital factor to consider.

Bottom line

You have all the tips and examples; Design Crew  asks you, what would you be waiting for rather than getting your e-commerce website working by using these tips? And can you contact us so we can help more?

Or can you just post your project and it will be attend to?

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