How to Create SEO Friendly Website And Its Benefits!!

Making an attractive professional looking website is not enough for any business. A website would only generate profit for you if it would be SEO friendly. Now, if you are thinking what is SEO friendly website? Let’s read this blog! It would clear all your doubts regarding SEO friendly website and its usefulness for your business.

A website would be SEO friendly when search engines would be able to crawl its every page and index it in a database. Thus, your website would be visible on the top searches on search engine result pages. The more intelligently & smartly a website would design and the more chance it would be recognized by the search engines. And, it would come on the first page of search engine results.

Tips to help you with your SEO friendly websites

  • Interactive website
  • Enable social media icons
  • Accessible on mobile & desktop
  • Linking in an ordered way
  • Keep URL simple
  • Customize 404 pages

Interactive website

Interactive websites are those websites that are more engaging and provide a better user experience. Also, search engines give more preference to these kinds of websites. If the user would stay long for your website and find it good, then the search engine recognizes this activity. And, uplift the ranking of those sites in SERP. This type of site is considered SEO friendly website.

Include social media icons

While creating your website, you should also include a social media icon on your website. And, link those icons from the social media account of your website. Create separate social media accounts of your website. You can include icons of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

Accessible on mobile & desktop

An SEO friendly site is the one that can access on both mobile and desktop in a hassle-free manner. To develop your website uses advanced techniques and tools. A website develops with the latest technology is more user-friendly. And, user-friendly sites get preference by search engines such as Google, Bing, YouTube, Yahoo, and others. Also, ensure that all the pages of your website are also accessible on mobile phones as they are desktop. It is a highly important tip for SEO friendly websites.

Linking in an ordered way

An SEO friendly website is linked in an ordered way. An ordered linking engages the users and makes them spend more time on your website.

Keep URL simple

Keep the URL of your website simple, so that people remember it easily. This is a great tip that most people take for granted. A simple URL helps to keep your website rank. And, a website with a simple URL is called SEO friendly website. 

Customize 404 pages

Sometimes by mistake, you put the wrong link or delete the page for which you put a link on your website. In that case, when the user tries to access that page or website, then 404 errors occur. After the completion of the website check, is there any 404 error that exists on your website. If exist, then customized those pages. It is another important tip that you should pay attention to if you want an SEO friendly website.

seo friendly Website

Benefits of SEO friendly websites

SEO friendly websites not only provide great user experience but also well from the point of view of SERP. These websites have high-ranking in the SERP that brings more traffic to your websites. When you would have more traffic on your website, then your business would surely enhance.